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Acrylic Pocket,
Photo & Display Frames
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Custom Acrylic Frames - Wholesale
Sandwich Frames - Custom Poster Frames - Advertising / Safety Poster Frames
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Active Plastics' Professional Quick-Change
Permanent Mount Wall / Ceiling Frames
Available in Custom Standard & Poster Sizes

Backplane mounts permanently to your wall surface,
top and bottom "C" channel strips allow easy access
to change insert material. Professional styling.

Custom matte inserts & logo printing available.

NOTE: Wholesale Purchases Only.
Minimum order is $100.00


Contact us for custom pricing on:

  • Standard Photo Print Frame Sizes
  • Your Custom Designs & Display Prototypes
  • Unique Designs, Applications Specialty
  • Patent Pending SLIP POCKETTM Custom Frames
  • Plaques, Certificate, Award & Sandwich Frames

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We fabricate both standard and custom frame sizes.
Click to view Fold-Over Acrylic Frame example sizes:

Wall Mount Landscape
Wall Mount Portrait
Free-Standing "L" Landscape
Free-Standing "L" Portrait
Specialty Frames
Specialty frames, OSHA Safety custom frames to order.

Crystal Clear Optix® Brand Acrylics
We use OPTIX® and other top quality acrylic
for clarity, durability and scratch resistance.

We Specialize in Custom Frame Sizes and Configurations

Custom "Wide Gap" 8"x8" Desk / Counter Calendar Display
for Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation 2006 & 2007

Holds 14 individual monthly calendar pages printed on light card stock.


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Acrylic photograph and sports card frames, plaques for all purposes and occasions. Experience Active's personalized service, custom imprinting and low prices. For sport &  baseball card collectors card frames, baseball card protectors, little league baseball, community youth sports card display frames.  We have ink jet photo print preserving frames, general use and celebrity photo frames.  Group discounts are available for institutional and corporate purchasers. Also club sports card club wall frames, commemorative and stock certificate frames, graduation diploma frames, gift certificate frames and more!  

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